9 Must-Have Apps for a Chronic Illness

Thanks so much to @Lymediseasewarrior for posting this awesome list of apps that are great for chronic illness! DEFINITELY DOWNLOADING THEM.


A chronic illness is never easy to manage, but with today’s modern technology, we have a little help.  Below I have listed several apps that I have used and found useful.  Look through the list and see if there’s something here that could make your life easier; and if you don’t see one that should be on the list, comment or email me and I’ll try it out.  🙂

1. Water Your Body

water your body

I loved this app.  It has a simple interface, you select the container size you normally drink water from then just tap on the icon every time you drink water.  When you start, it asks for your weight and gives you an exact amount of water you should be drinking every day based on your size.  If you aren’t drinking enough, it will send you little reminders that pop up on your phone telling you to drink…

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New Wheelchair!

New Wheelchair!

On Saturday, I got a new wheelchair! It’s a Quickie GT rigid frame ultralight wheelchair with solid wheels. And it’s Lyme green! I LOVE IT.
For the past four years, I’ve been using this crappy Invacare home wheelchair I bought off Craigslist for $50. I’ve used it so much, it’s falling apart. If I go down a slope, the whole chair shudders and almost throws me out. It was time for a change.
I first decided to get a new chair in June. So for six months, I fought and fought through the bureaucracy and misinformation that is my insurance company. Every time I spoke to somebody on how to get this paid for, they told me something different. Nobody knew what they were talking about. Finally, after about 3,849 fights with the insurance company and incompetent medical supply stores, I decided to circumvent that whole process and buy a wheelchair privately.
I scoured and scoured eBay and Craigslist to find one that would be an upgrade from the Invacare I was dealing with. I finally found one that was exactly what I wanted. Even though the seller was difficult, I finally got this baby.
I’m so so so happy with this wheelchair! It’s so light that I can lift it by myself without straining any of my muscles. Today I went Christmas shopping in it and I never got thrown out! It’s amazing. So easy to use!
This wheelchair will make my life so much easier. I’m often limited to the things I can do because of the clunkiness of my chair. This changes everything! I’m excited. 🙂


Hello, world!

My name is Sofia and I would personally like to welcome you to Unfolding Lyme! I’ve had Lyme Disease for a little over five years. It is a complex, difficult, and complicated disease to live with. I have a lot of thoughts about Lyme and I’ve come to the conclusion that a blog would be a good outlet to express them with.  Through this blog, I want to document my experience while also shedding light on the complexity of being a young person with Lyme Disease. Enjoy!