Dealing with Difficult People: A Rant

Sometimes people just suck. This is one of those times. And it’s also a testament to why being a college student and having Lyme disease is really, really difficult.

How I felt Friday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Lymelight.

How I felt Friday afternoon. Photo courtesy of Lymelight.

My school has some really cool services for people with disabilities. Because my health is so ridiculously unpredictable, I’m signed up to get these sweet services. At the start of every school year, I go to the Accessible Education Center and they write me a letter to give to all of my professors. The letter basically says I have a documented illness, I may miss class sometimes because of it, and the professor needs to be reasonably accommodating.

Now, I haven’t had a major crisis where I miss a bunch of class for a long time, but this letter serves as a safety net, just in case something does happen. The reaction I get from professors really varies. Some are very understanding and are willing to work with me while others outright refuse to be flexible. But, really, most of them just take the letter and say, “Okay. I’ll read this over. Thanks.” Or something along those lines.

One particular professor I have right now enthusiastically said he is very flexible about things like these. We had a 10 minute conversation about it, actually. He kept going on and on about how if I miss class, it would be excused. I thought to myself, “Great! This guy is awesome! This is going to make my life so much easier!” Boy, was I wrong.

Wednesday was a bad day. The kitchen downstairs served orange chicken for lunch. Almost immediately after eating it, I felt horrible. My gut is extremely sensitive because of all the antibiotics I’ve taken in the past 1.5 years, so I have to be really choosy about which things I eat, and which things I don’t. There was something in that darn chicken that made me feel like crawling up under a blanket and never coming out. Needless to say, I was not feeling well enough for class. So I crawled up under that blanket feeling awful and took a nap.

Fast forward to Friday. I’m feeling much better and I go to the class I missed Wednesday, which happened to be the class with the very flexible prof. After lecture, I tell him I missed last time because of my documented illness we discussed last week. I ask him what I missed.

“Well, you missed a quiz on terminology.”

“Is there a way I can make up this quiz?”

“No, there is not.”

Wait, what?? This is supposed to be the flexible one! What’s going on?

“Why is that?” I say, very confused.

“I can’t allow you to make up things that were exclusively done in class. It’s very hard to coordinate something that happened after the fact. Your absence is excused, but the quiz is not.”

Translation: I’m too lazy to do the 45 seconds of work it would take to set up a new time to administer the quiz, so I’m going to say some BS answer, like that retaking the quiz would compromise its integrity.

This is just so unfair. Why should my grades have to suffer because of something I have no control over? I didn’t miss class because I was lazy, I missed because I physically could not go. So now, I have a big fat zero for that quiz because my gut hates me.

So now I really have to go to this class, even if I feel like death. Maybe my “very flexible” prof will see me dying and he’ll finally understand why I didn’t go in the first place.

Rant: over. Thanks for listening. Ignorant people suck.

Sounds about right. Thanks, Calvin & Hobbs.

Sounds about right. Thanks, Calvin & Hobbs.




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